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Awakening To Your Purpose

If you had all the time and all the money to study ANYTHING … what would it be? If you could create any kind of career, job or business for yourself … what would it be?

THESE are the questions YOU need to answer. Mid-life is such a great teacher and if I’d followed the answers to these question earlier, I would not have been knocked off my path. I hope everyone reading this will make decisions based upon FAITH and not FEAR. There is a Great Awakening going on. In the midst of all these layoffs, home foreclosures and outsourcing, we appear to be living in a time where each of us has to access what really matters in our world, and become truly authentic about doing what we were born to do.

Robert Roberg writes: “I don’t want to leave the impression that we should not be concerned about justice. We must deal justly with everyone we meet. However I do not believe we have been commissioned to change the world, or make it a better place. Our calling is to teach people how to love in the face of injustice. Love endures all things. The antidote for war is not justice, but love.”

If I’m working on peace, acceptance, and love, I don’t have time to hurt others with my confusion and reactions. If I’m working on my FIRST DEAMS in life, I’m not putting myself on a collision path with others because I’m not in “the wrong chair.” I’ve learned not to take a job or start a career path simply because someone puts out a notice that they need more X-Ray Techs, or more IT Workers … or more truck drivers. What did I enter this world to do? What comes easiest to me Vs. what someone else is doing?

There is a Great Awakening … and that means many of us are being called to be our authentic selves, and to work in cooperation and in community with others rather than simply going for greed, “filthy lucre”, and self interest. View this short video. It’s beautiful. Peace~