About Green Fred

Fred Guidry is an Oakland Bay Area writer who believes that this is a wonderful time2ae10ddc-0714-4a75-9505-48f6c7567e3c to look at developing Urban Agriculture (as well as rural, small organic, “farms.”)  This blog is all about improving the quality of your life. On the surface, it’s about growing your own food, and why that’s important.

Agriculture is the grandfather of manufacturing. Not everyone wants to put their hands in the soil … but there are tons of ideas about creating fun products that range from gourmet dog biscuits, to hand made Goats Milk Lavender soap.

Why keep looking for a job when you can own your own job and keep a larger share of the profits while in the process? It’s time to do something different!

“Every problem is an opportunity in work clothes.” I constantly suggest to young people entering college, that a good plan is follow their bliss, and go where the competition isn’t so strong. There are over 200 high level careers in agriculture that are going wanting for people. (That includes Department of the Interior jobs most often located within urban areas.) Why are so many college grads working at Kinko’s? Because they’ve been trained to look for a job instead of looking for a life. There’s too many of them in one subject area!

This blog seeks to highlight the opportunities that are available in urban and rural farming and value-added food production. It’s time to look at QUALITY of life instead of continuing to mimic the shallow images of movies, television, and other media.

5 responses to “About Green Fred

  1. Hey GreenFred!

    Nice photo of you! You’re obviously not in ‘The Bay Area’ in it…



    • Hi Kristeva!

      How’s it been going? By the way, I actually am back in the Bay Area. I’m trying to avoid going back out there over the road in another truck. (Insane way of making a living at this point in my journey.) I’ve also had to look at the reality of starting a farm at this late age. (I’m 56 now.) So … I’m wrestling with the “Content Provider” thing again. Writing really is my first love … and perhaps growing in the back yard of a small, cheap house ain’t a bad life after all. One thing I know for sure … any thing is better for me than pure isolation. (I dunno … even as I write that … if I ever won the lottery … 11 to 25 or more acres with some dogs, chickens and maybe one small Dexter … just might be a “well lived life” after all. But who can afford the tractor?)

      That’s why I haven’t been posting. What do you do when your fantasy crashes? I’m looking at a lot of options and trying to decide while I do the spiritual work that has to be done.

      PS: How’s the turkeys doing? I read somewhere that they’re going to start hunting wolves again. I think it was Iowa. (Have they always?)


  2. Hello Green Fred this is Julius, we met in DC on the train. Thanks for all the info. same school of thought. P.S. Wasn’t able to contact Mansa Musa directly, what do you suggest? Algebrconstruction@yahoo.com

    • Man! I’ve been thinking about you.
      How’ve you been? Sorry that I haven’t checked this webpage in a while.
      Can’t contact Mansa? No worries … I’ll email you in a second. Great timing by the way.

  3. Great philosophy! So many people are stressed and unhappy, working their lives away at jobs that just make them miserable.

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