Paying and Volunteer Farm Jobs – U.S. and Abroad

I ran into this interesting website that discusses traveling and working abroad. Transitions Abroad is packed full of ideas and opportunities to enrich your life through working with others in different countries. There are links to real, paying jobs in agriculture and other career … fields… as well as information about Internships, Au Pair jobs, student work and summer schools, teaching English and many other thought provoking ideas for the restless.

This is a great time to be young. It’s also a great time to be either retired, or in search of a new way of living. Spiritually, “Sloth” is the sin of refusing to enjoy all of God’s bounty. There’s too much out there to ignore. You decide … take the red pill and stay where you are … forever, or take the blue pill, and prepare to smile!

3 responses to “Paying and Volunteer Farm Jobs – U.S. and Abroad

  1. Great job for all age group.This is really a emerging field.

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    • Thank you for your comments. Yes … I imagine that even Ray Charles could see it. If all the world’s food is grown on 11% of the world’s top soil, then the gifts are laid out in front of us, right?

      Trouble is, convincing others to try something different. But I don’t think that will be a problem for long. We’ve spent far too much time and money trying to “save” that segment of the population (sadly perhaps one-third?) that is so strongly rooted in crime, drug and Thug Kulture, that they’ll be going in and out of prisons and institutions for the next 40 years at least.

      It’s time to create models of hope within every community and every strata. Buddhist philosophy says that to be alive is to know suffering. Yes there’s joy, but much of what we yearn for, grasp and cling to brings us suffering. I’m trying to live a more authentic life … one centered in love, worship, meditation, and serving others.

      Your comment … that growing food is a great job for all ages, I’d love to hear more about what that looks like for middle-age boomers and seniors.

      Many thanks for the comment!

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